Playing Water out of the Ground

//Playing Water out of the Ground

Playing Water out of the Ground

One of the biggest challenges facing people living in outlying areas of South Africa, is access to clean water and education. Playpumps, as illustrated above, were developed, whereby water is pumped into the watertank, by virtue of kids playing on the roundabout.


They have been installed since 1996, and a total of 1 000 is in operation at the moment. In order to maintain this unique system, sponsorships are needed.

Along with sponsorship, comes the benefits of:

  • Branding two sides of the watertank.
  • Positive brand association.
  • Supplier is a Level 1 contribution towards B-BBEE.
  • Clients can claim 135% of expenditure for SED purposes.

Benefits to the community include:

  • Free access to clean water.
  • Increased school attendance, as food can be prepared and offered due to clean water source.
  • Often communities establish vegetable gardens once the pumps are working.
  • Reduction in disease caused by unclean water sources.

This photograph shows the 3 key elements, left to right the (1) tap (2) tower and (3) roundabout:


Click the video above to see how the pumps works.


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