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Case Studies – Media Mix

This month, I want to share two case studies with you.  Apart from using Out Of Home advertising as part of their Media Mix, what they have in common, is that they were both born from boo-boos.  The first case study is local, starting from really rude vandalism that happened last year September.  The second one is an international case study from the United Kingdom, where a change in Delivery Companies led to angry clients, and great communication campaigns to apologise.

In both cases, the speed and creativity with which the marketing teams reacted, is commendable.

I hope you enjoy these stories!
Margie Carr (MD)

Kulula #travelhater

A Case Study

In September last year, a Kulula advert placed on a billboard in Bryanston, was vandalised.  A video of the vandalist leaving the site with a ladder, has to date had more than 8 500 views on Facebook.  Instead of being humiliated and angry – the Kulula Marketing Department and their advertising agency McCann Johannesburg decided to make lemonade of this disastrous situation.

Here is how the co-incidental campaign unfolded:

The video taken by a passing motorist, of the vandal caught in the act:

The vandalised ad with “Free Willy” and … “You a Douchebag” tags in spray paint:

And Kulula’s quick response – adding a green banner over the advert countering the vandalised message with ‘Don’t be a Travel Hater’ – note that they did not remove the spraypaint, but incorporated it into their message:

Following the great social media reaction to the vandalism, and the high response rate to the online videos, the campaign was extended to more billboards, as well as radio and print ads. They showed a variety of relatable travel hating scenarios – which can be viewed here on Kulula’s YouTube channel.  In short, it was a bunch of scenarios we may each have fantasised over in our darkest travel-hating moments. And people loved them. They loved the brazen display of travel envy – an emotion, it turns out, to which we average Joes strongly relate.  The ads made light of travel envy, and everyone could relate.

The #travelhater campaign exceeded delivery expectations:

  • 61 + million impressions
  • 230 000 website link clicks
  • 9.4 + million video views

John Withers, the Creative Director on the campaign explains:  “What a lot of brands experience when they share content on social media is a fair amount of mixed reviews. Whereas got an overwhelmingly positive response with an almost 95% response that was positive and engaging.” (Source WONSA)

This campaign is a great example of:

  • Thinking on your feet
  • Acting quickly
  • Using the correct Media Mix to extend the message

KFC – United Kingdom

A Case Study

When KFC in the UK decided to change their delivery company, they did not foresee the crisis that was to come.  Due to lack of stock, two-thirds of KFC outlets across United Kingdom had to close their doors.  The new contractor took over this year on 14 February, and by 18 February, only 266 of the 900 KFC outlets in the UK, were open.  This was caused by the new contractor having one centralised warehouse, whereas the previous contractor, operated from six warehouses.

Herewith a visual walk through communication after the crisis:

266 of the 900 KFC outlets in the UK had to close their doors due to lack of stock.

A print ad was placed in 2 major newspapers, to apologise to clients:

In this tongue-in-cheek ad, the letters of its name was rearranged to spell “FCK” on a chicken bucket.  The text below apologised, and admitted that they made a mistake.  It then continues to point readers to a website with more information about the status of local restaurants. The header of the site reads, “The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants.”

KFC showed confidence in their brand in the way they handled this crisis, without panic, and with open communication.
By 23 Feb, 700 of the 900 stores were open again.

This week, KFC brought the iconic Coloner Sanders back for the first time in more than 40 years, in a major advertising campaign, marking the end of their chicken shortage crisis.

They could have kept mum and let it pass, but they chose to use it as a theme in their advertising campaign, again showing the belief in their brand, and re-enforcing their dominance in the fast food market.

All these campaigns were created by KFC’s creative agency Mother.

Herewith details of their TV, Print and Billboard Ads currently on display:

First aired this week on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent and BT Sport’s Uefa Champions League Final coverage. The spot references the crisis with news footage from restaurant closures, while using archival clips of the Colonel and showing him make a dramatic entrance.

Directed by Radical Friend through Partizan, the ad features the founder’s own words about determination in the face of challenges:

“My philosophy – don’t quit. Even in tough times, I’d always give the best there was in me. And you’ll always get the best in return.”


The print ad celebrates the Colonel’s grit, highlighting that it took 1,009 attempts to perfect his chicken recipe:


For their billboard campaign the American artist Greg Gossel was contracted in on the design work.  He specialises in screen-printing and collage of pop culture subjects.  This added grit to the artworks printed, and now on display on various Out Of Home ads.

At In Touch Media we become part of our clients’ Marketing Mix by working closely with their digital and creative agencies.  By being included in the strategy and planning stages, we can add to the value of each new campaign.  Contact us to meet up to discuss your next marketing campaign, and to see how we can make a difference!  Contact us in Johannesburg or Cape Town.

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